Saturday, December 27, 2008

What an odd choice for a PR Banner Pic?

One would think that the Tory spin-machine would realize this pic is less than flattering. Odd they should choose to place this image over the banner of their official "Stand Up For Canada" website? I mean, what are they trying to do? Frighten little children?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From that bastard elf Flaherty: Coal for our stockings!

Coal in our stockings! Dirty, ugly and symbolic - Jim Flaherty has given us a dose of coal to suckle this season.

Now Flaherty could have waited until after Christmas to give us the new fiscal up-yours update, but NO! This month's figures were released at 3pm EST the day before Xmas eve! November's Fiscal Monitor statement was released on the 27th. True October's was on the 24th; but September's was on the 26th. What a difference a day makes! Talk about wanting to bury a story!

As MSNBC's Rachel Maddow observed in a different context last night, the tried and true "dumping" of bad news by government's on Friday's is well-founded. Hoping their news will get 'lost' in the end of week news-cycle; all government's 'dump' news on Friday's. But to do it a day before Christmas? Jesus, that's like boot-fucking Santa to death after he merrily slides down your chimney during his annual B&E.


Well Flaherty and Harper knew exactly what they were doing this time. They figured they would drop the coal in our stockings and they hoped we wouldn't notice. Thankfully, some have:

CBC - The federal government posted a $603-million deficit in October as tax revenues fell, according to figures released by the Finance Department on Tuesday.

Globe & Mail Report on Business, on our federal government's rapidly deteriorating fiscal position. [- - ->] The federal government is already starting to bleed red ink, ending the year with a report that showed three consecutive monthly deficits. And it is facing the increasing likelihood that it will post an annual deficit this fiscal year, even before a stimulus package that could be as large as $20-billion a year.

Bloomberg- The world’s eighth-largest economy is sputtering

Timely news indeed! Merry-e'ffn-Xmas!

Turns out October was the THIRD MONTH IN A ROW that whiz-bang economist Stephen Harper's government had posted a deficit! Does anyone remember their speechifying during the election? Does anyone remember Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee's "no deficit" mantra? Does anyone remember that in October some economic forecasters were predicting Canada was facing a 10 billion dollar deficit in 2009-2010 because OUR Conservative masters were failing "to stitch a 'looming fiscal hole'"?

Stephen Harper = Trained economist my frozen Winnipeg ass!

He and Jim are nothing but knowing liars. Anybody reading the Department of Finance "Fiscal Monitors" since last April could see where we were headed. Now a day removed from Christmas the truth is finally told: October's election had nothing to do with a "mandate" - it was all about hiding the truth. To make matters worse, the latest monthly financial statement suggests that the slide towards a deficit this fiscal year was due to a rapid run-up in government spending, not a fall in revenues. Again, trained economist my ass!

"Don't worry," Flaherty now says, the deficit will be only "temporary"! Well we certainly hope so, you walking, talking, breathing piece of Harper scat. But why believe him?

Flaherty the coal giver might as well channel Martin Luther King's immortal words and tell us:

"Well, I don't know what will happen now. We've got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn't matter with me now. Because I've been to the mountaintop. And I don't mind."

Well, Flaherty, some of us do mind. So when you get yourself back to that mountaintop - do us all a favour: JUMP! We'll take it from here.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Winnipeg Free Press - Editorial Enlightenment?

There are times I read my local paper and just feel sorry for the collective "We". A shadow of its historic self, the pus that now pollutes the pages of the Winnipeg Free Press must have J.W. Dafoe spinning in his grave.

Nowhere is this truer than in the dim droppings routinely passed off as 'editorial comment'. In this sphere, the Winnipeg Free Press is doing the "we" a great disservice. I mean, is it not enough that the reporting is substandard? That much of the the coverage is biased? That the words are simple? I mean, come on, must the ideas of shopworn wisdom peddled on the Op-Ed page also be bereft of substance?

Yesterday's turd-nuggets?

Well, the first comes in the form of: "it would seem that even calling for Canada to proportionately match the U.S. stimulus would be an unhelpful overreaction." - Okay. Don't believe any serious economist or politician has called for this? And if they have - cite them in your piece.

The second, the closing line, is a real keeper. It reads: "The consequences of doing too little or too much are great. These are times that require courage -- often defined as grace under pressure." WHAT? What does that mean? There are "consequences" to Ottawa making the wrong decisions vis-a-vis the stimulus package? Aw shucks! And here I thought there would be no downside to "doing too little or too much". As for the "These are times that require courage..." pablum - give us a break. If this is the best the editorial board has to offer they might as well close up shop now. Presumably we Winnipeger's are not all retarded - - some of us know an empty Gipper-ism when we read it. Shame on the Free Press for passing off such tripe.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


How about the next Winnipeg Blogger who types the word IKEA gets to have bamboo shoots publicly inserted under their fingernails!!

C'mon people, enough already!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's Next? Will this beady-eyed bazturd one day just admit he was 'actually' wrong?

Yesterday's Globe & Mail assessment had it right:

"In an interview with CTV News, aired on Monday, Mr. Harper primarily made headlines by declining to rule out the possibility of recession turning to depression, and for a gloomy economic forecast in which he said he has “never seen such uncertainty in terms of looking forward to the future.” He effectively completed the government's retreat from its refusal to run a deficit in its fiscal update, acknowledging that the billions of dollars to be spent in next month's budget would push the country into the red. This showed a welcome – if belated and still inconsistent – recognition of the need to adjust his government's economic policies to the times."

Now if we could only get the beady-eyed fucker to look straight into a camera and say: "My stance this past election cycle was all a sham. I knowingly lied about our country's future economic prospects and, for that, I apologize."

Baby steps people, baby steps...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do we really need anymore evidence that Capitalism is _ucked?

All one has to do is listen to Ms. Rachel explain the current return offering on US T-Bills to understand that we are all:
a.) in prison,
b.) innocent!
c.) showering,
d.) dropping our soap;
e.) bending over and .... well as Python used to say: "Say no more!"

This just doesn't seem fair! Should not somebody else be bending over to pick up our soap? Paulsen, Bush where are you? C'mon, the very least you could do is take one for the team!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Must It Be?

When Grits find themselves in times of trouble,
musing Michael comes to thee,
speaking words of wisdom(?)
must it be?

And in their hour of darkness
Iggy was plotting right behind all ye,
speaking words of wisdom (?)
must it be?

Must it be, must it be, must it be, must it be.
He whispers words of wisdom(?), must it be?

And when the broken heated Liberals
living in the world agree,
there will be an answer, must it be?
For though they may be parted
there is still a chance that they will see,
Iggy may be the answer? Must it be?

Yeah, Iggy may be an answer, must it be?
Must it be, must it be, must it be, must it be,
Is Iggy really the answer.....
Must he be?

And when the right is clumsy,
there's an Iggy that shines for ye,
shine until tomorrow, must it be?
I wake up to the sound of panic,
Dion is running away from me,
babbling words of nonsense, it must be.

And now Iggy's nearly anointed,
running out in front of thee,
promising redemption,
Must it be?

Must it be, must it be.
Must it be, yeah must it be.
There will be and answer, Iggy for ye?

Must it be, must it be.
Must it be, must it be.
Whispering words of wisdom(?),
Is Iggy for thee?

[with thanks to the Beatles]

Friday, December 5, 2008

If I were Harper.... hmmm?

Today, if I were Harper
I'd be ashamed

Yesterday, if Harper
... embarrassed

In January, if Harper
I will be toast...


Justice - 'tis a fate so sweet it 'tis worth waiting for.

R.I.P. Minority Government


Harper: Even Learned Lesbians are Mocking Your Manhood!!

Well at least Gutless Steve's stunt has been noticed in the US.
On MSNBC last night, awesome TV personality Rachel Maddow mocked Harper and his push to get Parliament dissolved as a "banana republic move."

Maddow: "In the twenty-first century, in Canada, the way to fight for your political life is apparently to demand that the Queen banish your enemies. Oh, Canada! C'mon."


Thursday, December 4, 2008