Friday, July 17, 2009

An old twisted white guy whose time has past - Pat Buchanan

If there is one comfort we can take from America's so-called Free Speech laws, it is that culturally bigoted dinosaurs like Patrick J. Buchanan are allowed to speak their minds so the bitter cranial rot that defines them becomes clear to all.

Watch video below to see how Buchanan get owned by Ms. Rachel Maddow. Hardly a fair fight. Maddow, confident and forthright, gives crazy "dated" Buchanan all the rope he needs to hang himself. Railing against the future, Buchanan epitomizes the worst of those biased white-Americans who came of age in the white bread world of the 1950s.

One suspects that, tonight, Mr. Buchanan is having a nightmares that revolve around being bested by one of the best minds on MSM who (undoubtedly to Buchanan's utter horror) also happens to be a lesbian. One can only imagine how this haggard bitter old man is sleeping... probably poorly. And that is how it should be.