Sunday, May 24, 2009

Canada's Homeland Security Agency?

New York Times - May 23, 2009
"New Requirements on Border ID Stir Worries at Crossings"

"Still, Canadian officials said that their government, like the United States, ... [is] establishing its own homeland security agency, ..."

Our own HOMELAND SECURITY AGENCY? Do they mean the existing Canadian Border Security Agency? Or am I missing something here?


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mulroney, Malarkey and Lathering us with BULLSHIT!

How old is he again? What, what's that.... he's 71? You mean he's SEVENTY-ONE YEARS OLD and never done nothing wrong.... "knowingly"!!

You kidding me?

He really said that? Aw shucks, ... talk about malarkey and bullshit all wrapped up into one offensive bun!

He's 71 and never done nuthin' wrong? (Guffaw, snort, puke)

Who would ever believe ever that?

I tell's ya what, I can't wait for Ben's tell-all book in 10 years. Hmm, "Lies my Father Told Me" has a nice ring .... don't ya think?

Harrumph, never "knowingly" did anything wrong . . . Jesus, who does this sociopath think he's kidding? Us . . . again?

No way!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Outta Mulroney's Mouth

I tell's ya', the big jawed bugger just can't help himself!

I wondered, why is it every time we turned around, Mr. Schreiber was here like the Energizer bunny non-stop,” Mr. Mulroney said, ...

Well, it's probably because he knew you would keep taking the money that bought access, ya dim witted dildo!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oops! Ritz wrong Again! It is Swine Flu after all.

So a day after an Edmonton Sun article was lamenting the plight of pork producers and complaining that medical authorities were still calling the new virus "Swine Flu":

"Why couldn't the flu have been dubbed the H1N1 flu, for the sake of accuracy, when farmers first raised concerns?"

Well it turns out, this is why ..... This just in: "Alberta Pigs Believed to be infected with Swine Flu"

Oops! And this only one day after our incompetent Agriculture Minister, Garry Ritz, and Canada's Tory answer to 'just a brain stem', Minister Stockwell Day, issued a news release assuring one and all that:

"The government of Canada is confident that Canadian pork is safe. We want to reassure Canadians that human swine influenza cannot be contracted through eating pork or pork products."

What! Okay, maybe its true we can't catch it from eating pigs. But if they can catch it from us and we can catch it from them.... maybe it should be called "Farmers-Swine Flu"? And maybe Ritz should not have released Friday's news release if they already knew the story of sick Alberta pigs was going to break today.

Oh well, ... chalk up another one for the Tory's. They've tried to say 'Don't worry, be Happy' one too many times - (see: Tory fall debacle over the true state of the economy). While we can understand why they want to spin a bad situation; rather than issuing an its-okay-to-eat-pork memo on the very eve of a more ominous news release they probably knew was coming was too cute by half. Coming out with a news release that draws attention to pigs and professes them to be safe when you know there is a good chance a bad announcement is on the way is just plain silly. And all it does is draw attention to how stupid and just plain wrong you are ... yet again!

Can't imagine what this will do our pork export market. One things for sure - it ain't gonna help! A year from now Ritz will be in charge of another closed door inquiry that will be guaranteed NOT to get to the bottom of the issue.

Whew, the more things stay the same, the more they....