Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More proof that there is no substitution for a good education system!

The failing US education system needs help! Need evidence? Look no further than this, this, and this.

And, if you are still not sure - watch this.

As the ever adroit Ms. Maddow demonstrates in her segment - there is an entire generation out there (we Canadians included) who did not 'git their learnin' done'. Susceptible to all sorts of balderdash, they are irrevocably lost because they are quite simply... too dumb for words!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And in today's NO SHIT! file we have...

Jesus, why did it ever take them so long to admit the truth? Most of us have known this for decades!

As reported by the Canadian Press:

"Amid conflicting internal accounts, disappearing e-mails and disastrous publicity following the death of Robert Dziekanski, a top Mountie admitted at the Taser inquiry Tuesday that the RCMP shouldn’t investigate itself. ....

RCMP Supt. Wayne Rideout, who was the third Mountie to take the stand Tuesday, denied a key part of his superior officer’s evidence and then told commissioner Thomas Braidwood that, “We are not perceived by the public to be able to investigate ourselves.

“We’re not good at this, we shouldn’t be doing this,” said Rideout.

He said he thinks “it is time” for B.C. to consider an independent body to investigate the RCMP."